How the online
food ordering software works

See how to set up online ordering for your restaurant within minutes

Setup your restaurant profile: 15 minutes

 No coding skills required, no trick questions or long forms to fill out - simply pin your restaurant’s location on the map, add opening hours and so on.

Who said powerful online ordering software had to be complicated? 

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Easily create your own restaurant menu online

 As part of the setup, our restaurant menu builder allows you to add food categories, yummy dishes, toppings and so on.

With a highly intuitive interface, you should be minutes away from taking online orders. 

Install the free order taking app for restaurants: 1 minute

 Each time an order is placed, you get a notification on your smartphone or tablet. You have 3 minutes to confirm it, while we keep your hungry client busy.

It takes less time to install the app than the time you have for accepting a delivery or pickup! 

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Add the online ordering button on your website or Facebook page: 1 minute

 All that’s left at this point is to add the “See MENU & Order” button on your website and Facebook page.

This opens up a whole new world to start selling online in an ever growing technological world. 

Expand your reach! Place your menu onto
community sites promoting your restaurant

Our community is coming together to support local restaurants en masse! Use our website widget (we can help you) to place your menu on websites like the Chambers of Commerce, Cities, Non-profits, Affinity Groups, Business Improvement Districts (BIDs) and Local Restaurant Associations.

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What customers are saying

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Julie P.

Killer's Tacos

"Sales results are picking up now. I think the system is superb. Best I have ever found

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Julie P.

Sandwich Pizza House

"Your customer service has been stellar via chat/email despite no phone option. I was initially concerned your international location could be an issue but you have delivered excellent, prompt and understandable customer service via chat every time."

jeff_usa c64a820730

Ivan B.


I am completely amazed by your free service. I cannot even express how happy we are to use GloriaFood. The system does not crash, which is not always the case with other providers, it's easy and simple and would recommend any restaurant to use it."

testimonial julie-af506fe8dd

Dominic E.

Fiddlers Elbow Fish & Chips

"Fantastic app This is a great app of this online takeaway ordering system. The service has been superb and great customer service. With all the new updates and features, it gives us and more importantly our customers an app thats easy to use. Thanks gloriafood."

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